Sunday, November 28, 2010


I am sure feeling Thanksgiving. I feel so icky. My belly has been full since Thursday.

Besides that it was a fun weekend here! We hosted Thanksgiving for my family, then on Friday we went to the Rainforest with my cousins, then we went back to their hotel to swim! That evening we got together with extended family at the Winking Lizard, Saturday we had ice skating lessons and then we put up our Christmas tree and worked on Merci's science fair display board. Today we went to church and did some shopping and then came home to play our new Wii game.
I am determined to get back to the gym has been weeks, sadly. But instead of giving up, I'm going to start again. Especially since the Christmas season has begun there will be many get togethers and parties on the horizon! So I definitely don't want to be disappointed by the scale, and I definitely want to be able to find something cute to wear!

I'm not looking for best muscle building supplements or anything. Just to loose a little bit of pounds or at least stay the same weight but see a different shape! You know how it goes.
Plus my brother is getting married in April so I gotta be looking good!!
Ethan and Josh got fitted for their tux's today and I cannot wait to see my handsome boy in April!

Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

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