Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am seriously disgusted to learn that so many stores are open on Thanksgiving=(
Lets take away one of the only days people still spend with their family. Lets force mom and dads to choose money over their kids and families. It has been a tough few years for so many. I really don't feel bad for the stores who haven't made what they have in years previous or whatever their excuse is. I will not shop on Thanksgiving. I will not shop on Black Friday. I just don't want to be a part. I am all for deals, but just am sick of the hype.
Another thing I will not do and pray I never have to is buy into the whole cash advances thing. ICK. Stop pretending that you are there for people...you are their to make a bad bad habit.

Do you plan to shop on Black Friday?? Let me know the great deals you got!
(I'm not against shopping on black Friday, I just don't do it...if I do I go int he afternoon when there are no crowds!)

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