Monday, November 15, 2010

Last minute...

We are such last minute people. My husband and I are both procrastinators...not good to have 2 of those in a marriage! But we figure it out somehow!

Last year we hosted Thanksgiving for the first time. We had grand plans to make a TV room in our basement, so of course it didn't get finished till hours before family got here...ugh...and there is STILL molding and stuff that needs to be done.

And just recently did we replace the light bulb in our bathroom fan above the shower...its only been 8 months or so.

Tonight was another get stuff done night, the middle rail on our bed frame was broke, and we felt like it was really making a difference in how we slept, so finally after a few month hubby fixed it for good...that was the easy project of the night...the other one included lots of water all over the place...not good, but it is all better now, so I wont get into it.

Now I am just waiting for Josh to get out of the shower so we can watch House!
I need it after the 2 hours of 5th grade math I had to teach to my daughter...UGH.

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