Thursday, November 04, 2010

The cold is here...

It has been pretty cold here the last few days, and supposedly snow will be here this weekend ::gulp:: I hate to say it. Yesterday morning I even had to go start the car to get all the frost off the windows-our 2 car garage is filled with my husbands business equipment=(

The cold makes me want to hibernate, we have not been waking up in a timely fashion (it is extremely hard to get out of a warm bed when it is till dark out), I am unmotivated till later in the afternoon-which means I have not been making it to the gym (and when it was too hot out that was my excuses...excuses, excuses, know!)

I think I need to just get up and dressed and not take the kids to school in PJ's ::gulp:: and head straight for the gym, I don't want to do the lazy persons diet ( and be all bummed when I am not seeing results since I am too lazy to go work out for 30 minutes or so...such a never ending cycle...but I will beat it...I WILL.

How do you get motivated to wake up in the morning? Is waking up at the last minute better or forcing yourself to get up a bit early at the same time daily?? What is your magic secret??

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