Friday, November 12, 2010

A lovely day!

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We weren't able to take a nice vacation like we hoped or even go away for the weekend, so we spent the day together!

We ventured to Amish country and had a blast! We wrote down some addresses to places that looked interesting and brought our handy iPad along and followed the directions around town. We stopped at a huge flea market, it was interesting but not very Amish, the we went to this farm that had a bunch of exotic animals, but decided not to do the tour (very pricey, and would be funner with the kids), then we went to a huge store that was like a kitchen gadget store and grocery store in one, then we stopped a few more random places and then had some home cooked Amish food, then with full bellies head home. Doesn't sound very exciting but it was great to just hang out in a different city together with our minds of of home. We also got some cool things to bring home! Like Amish peanut butter spread, that is a mix of peanut butter and marshmallow cream...YUMMY!! And of course some yummy cheese! I got green onion cheddar (OH SO GOOD) and he got some jalapeno cheddar.

My husband always has the iPad with him, so I never get to play! It was fun to get some play time yesterday! After some discussions I'm thinking some cool ipad accessories would make a great Christmas gift for him! We talked about a few things that he would like for it like a iPad screen protector so we wont have to constantly be wiping off the finger prints as well as a dash mount (or some kind of mount) for the iPad so we can see the gps better or let the kids watch a movie. He has also mentioned getting a wireless keyboard as well. Im excited to have some functional ideas for him!!

Looking forward to a lovely vacation sometime next year!!

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