Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Per Ethan

As we stepped out of the car this morning at school Ethan enthusiastically commented "This is the perfect day." Meaning the weather! We are still seeing a bit of Indian Summer, it is windy but a comfortable 65 degrees, or so.

As soon as I finish up work in the office I will be heading out to enjoy the "Perfect Day" I think I'll take my pup for a walk! I love her.

Last week we weren't so lucky...It was COLD...we even saw some overnight frosts, and I was out one night in sleet...ick, way to close to snow for my liking.

Josh and I were walking into a coffee shop that happened to be right next to a tanning salon. Boy did it make me want to get my tanning bed lotion out and escape into fake sunshine for 15 minutes or so. I think I may go back to tanning this winter...just for some vitamin D. Ya know?? or maybe a financial miracle will happen and we can REALLY go on that honeymoon we have been waiting for for the past 10 years (Nov 11...we have our passports and are just waiting to find the perfect priced vacation, hopefully in Nov, but we might have to wait a bit longer).

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Stam House said...

winter is coming way to close from us now!!! I love fall but winter cold and snow not so much!