Wednesday, October 20, 2010

::heart:: blogging

I am not a fan of Fall and the pretty colors, smells, Indian Summer etc...but then winter is right around the corner. It is getting cold here in Ohio. Time to turn the furnace up and get out all the warm fuzzy clothes, socks and blankets.

The other night I took my laptop to the basement with me (I'm usually too lazy to get the laptop up...the desk top is always on on right there) and I remembered that I love snuggling on the couch with my hubby, blankets and the laptop-because it keeps me WARM=) So I just sat there the other night with the laptop open and running on my lap as I watched silly! But warm!

I guess I'm excited to get this blog back to speed and start adding pictures and milestones etc. I know if I don't I will miss looking back and seeing our family grow and change. I also like finidng new blogs like...glucomannan and other mom blogs, couponing blogs etc. But right now my focus is on health and nutrition, so I like to read what I can about that and implement little things here and there...

Any good blog suggestions for my reader for this winter??

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Renata said...

Hi Donna,
You will find a ton of health and nutrition blogs here:
The top three link to blog posts from many dietitians. There are a whole lot more out there, but I think you will find some that you like.