Thursday, October 07, 2010

Being a mommy has taught me much

I was 19 when I became a mom. I was 19 when I married the love of my life. Which means in 5 weeks we will have been married for 10 years. I'm sure ill be talking about that more, but right now I want to talk about what I've learned in being a mom...which obviously I cannot list everything...but I'll list some.

I've learned that things don't always go as planned, I list that first because it WAS probably really one of the first things I learned. I expected I'd have a boy...only 2 girls out of the 11 kids b/w our 2 families...I had a girl...the midwives and I expected she'd come before her due date, she came 4 days late! And from then on nothing went the way I expected...all us moms learn that pretty quickly.

I learned that my love of shoes (converse, wingtips, dress shoes, pf flyers shoes-you name it I had it) and shopping, needed to take a backseat to shopping for my sweet little girl who had no clothes and shoes and had a real need fro them, unlike me. I learned quickly to be unselfish, since our money situation was tight only necessities would do.

I've learned that the little moments count, more that the big!

I've learned that a sense of humor goes a long way.

I've learned that being a mother is a HUGER than huge responsibility, I'm realizing daily what a HUGE job this is and realizing daily more and more things I am responsible for.

I've learned that a mothers job is NEVER done.

I've learned that there are many things I need to grow in.

That's all for now, but not nearly all that I've learned

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Stam House said...

Wow 19 :-) cool thing, and almost 10 years of marriage :-) Congrats!