Saturday, October 23, 2010

I won't tell you...

that Christmas is less than ?? days away!

Told ya I wouldn't, because I don't think you would believe me anyway...the number of days is down to double digits, that is how close it is...YIKES.

We are still deciding what we are going to do this year. I mentioned to Ethan that we were only going to get 1 present and give the rest to those in need...he freaked a little, and then I told him to think of one thing he would REALLY want...that calmed him down.
So I think we might just do it.

Then there is the husband whom I love an appreciate so very much and I can never surprise the guy...seriously. I figure out something and then he happens to go buy it for himself before Christmas...UGH. So this year I need to figure something out that HE won't. Any ideas on any new electronics items coming out?? Maybe I need to dig down deeper and find something sentimental or something that you can't just go pick up at the store....hmm any idea on that either??

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