Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cold=Warm and Cozy

It has been getting pretty cold here in Ohio in the 30's.
Daytime has been in the 50's.
And I have been sleeping like a baby, well actually baby's don't sleep really well, so Im not sure I like that comparison. In any case let me assure you I have been sleeping VERY WELL.
And actually I usually sleep pretty well, I am not one that has to take sleep aids ever.
I guess I am lucky, because I know a lot of people with insomnia issues. we are off to so some errands, Josh had to work today for awhile to catch up on some projects. Me and the kids will do some shopping, and finally pick out some pumpkins...usually I get them too early and now I feel like I have waited too long. Merci has a party at 12:30, and then I will do some hanging out with my boy!
tomorrow we are going to the CIRCUS...we always have so much fun!!

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