Monday, November 03, 2008

Was it this hard for you?

Was it hard to find your first house??

I feel like it should be easier.
Josh does have to run his business out of the garage and he does have a huge truck that has to fit in the driveway, so that does add to the difficulty of finding a house that works.

We found one, we like, it's kinda smaller than we wanted on the inside, yard is BIG for a city house.
New siding, new garage, new driveway and sidewalk, new windows, carpet in good shape (not my pick of color, but not hideous), 4 bedrooms, not 3.....closer to M's school so we won't have to worry about switching!!! it the one??

This is a harder decision than I ever thought it would be.

Want to see a picture??

Cute, huh??

Ill keep you updated.
We are going to look at 5 more houses, and if they aren't better, we are bidding!

I am excited, just overwhelmed.


Crystal said...

It's so cute! Hope you find the house of your dreams soon =)

Jenna said...

Some people say when you find "the one" you'll instantly know it. I don't think that was the way for us... but my mind kept going back to it over any thing else that we saw. And remember, buying a house is a huge commitment but it isn't a life-long commitment (not like marriage! :)... you own it for awhile and then if it isn't as big as you wanted, you find another and upsize.

Renata said...

I have heard finding a house is similar to marriage. We haven't gone through the process yet, but for us it will be where we plan to live for the rest of our lives.
If anything, a big yard means possibilities of building an addition later on.
I am praying all works out well. Cosmetic changes can be made in time (although often later than we'd like).
Praying for you...

amy said...

yes, it's HARD. we looked for a YEAR down here. good thing is that it's a buyers market! i know you'll find the right one.

Jason said...

It was hard. We didn't know what we really wanted. I actually would have done things differently with the experience I have now.

I did not have the eye for "things you can fix" vs. "that's just a polished turd".

We pretty much let the STYLE of the decor dictate which houses we even considered. New paint is cheap..

Mandi said...

To me, the hardest part is that it's hard to see all of the negatives on the few visits you make to a house before purchasing it. We walked into our condo after signing papers (and I was a real estate agent, so it's not like I didn't know what I was looking for!), and all kinds of minor things popped out at us that we hadn't noticed before!

I do think it's smart to take your time and not "settle" on something for that reason – you'll always find more things you wish were different once you're moved in and settled, and if you're already starting out with a list of things you don't really like, then you may regret the decision.

Wendy said...

Is this the house you are making a bid on?

Drea said...

OWWW how exciting! keep me posted