Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Eye news

Most of you know that my little E has to wear glasses. He is 4 and has had glasses since he was 1.
They just fit him and I love the way he looks in them, but am eager for the day his eyes will be all better and he won't need them.

E is being treated for amblyopia, which is lazy eye.
He doesn't have crooked eyes, but if the problem isn't fixed his eye will loose sight, and his eye will become crooked.
So we would love to have his eye all better!

Some good news and some bad (not really bad) news from our appointment today.
E's vision has gotten better!!
But as he focuses on objects the doctor did notice quite a bit of crookedness.
So E will now move onto bifocals.
I feel like bifocals are for old people or something, but also understand with today's advances I am sure they won't look as bad as I imagine them.

So now we search for some cheap (no ins) & good looking bifocal glasses for my baby boy.


auntie said...

i would like to donate to the bifocal fund!

Melissa said...

I love the way Gavin looks in glasses too. Happy to hear his eyes are getting better!!

Grammy said...

We'd be glad to help with the purchase of cuteboy's glasses also...Love Papa and Grammy

Stam House said...

I think little kids wearing glasses are so cute I bias cause I started wearing mine very young!!!!

Mike and Amy said...

it's so good that you are treating it now. mike has amblyopia and was never treated as a child, now his eyes are WAY off. one has good vision with just a slight prescription and the other eye is really bad - the lens on his glasses on this side is almost half an inch thick! our eye doc said it could have been prevented.

~mike said...

I have amblyopia as well, and I have a student who wears bifocals. I don't think it's all that odd anymore, optimology is just becoming more advanced in the treatment of youth. Before, you could only look at that dancing monkey with the cymbols (anyone else have that experience?). Now they have all kinds of gadgets to work with.

~mike said...

O... I just noticed Amy's By the way, you could ask Jason how to set up one of those site piggy banks to collect money for E's Bifocals.

Wendy said...

That's great news!! I never heard of kids wearing bifocals. He's totally adorable in glasses:)