Sunday, November 30, 2008

A perk

One of the many perks of the house we are buying is that is already has an
emergency response system alarm already installed.
All we would have to do it get the service for it.
Which we WILL be doing.

Even though the new neighborhood is nicer than our current one, you can never be too safe.
And the fact that it is already there makes it that much easier and cheaper.
I was excited when someone recently told me we'd get a nice savings on our homeowners insurance=) I think it is usually a 20% savings.

We talked many times about getting one installed at the house we rent now, but never actually did it. Last Summer there was an attempted break in right next door when the lady was home, that was pretty scary, but we hoped it wouldn't happen again.
As soon as that happened our neighbor got an alarm system installed and told us how inexpensive it was and how his wife feels so much more secure.

When we heard about the break in we got renters insurance.
Which was something that would protect our possession, but not us if the burglar was armed.
Mine and my children's safety is worth another monthly payment.

Most security company's monitor 24 hours so you know someone will be there even when you aren't. Check your company and see if they offer monitoring for the elderly when they are living at home, and even video surveillance.

Safety is something that needs to be taken more seriously!

And with all those gadgets your husband will be thrilled!!!

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