Saturday, November 08, 2008


Today Ethan and I stopped at some stores at a newer shopping center.
A very nice shopping plaza in the middle of icky neighborhoods and decent neighborhoods.
I love it because any plaza with a Target, Old Navy, Super Walmart, 2 Starbucks, TJ Maxx, Applebees, Staples, Home Depot....and more is a GREAT place!! husband has expressed concern for me going there by myself, but I didn't feel like there was any danger. So I've gone a few times.
Today being one of them.

I was in a ridiculously long line at the Dollar Store.
I needed some kitty toys and this particular one has some good ones.

All of a sudden this lady comes running in screaming another ladies name, who happened to be behind me in line, and also screamed call 911.

She came over to the lady and was saying how these guys were fighting, there was a lady and a tiny baby and the guy was going back to his car, and she knows he was gonna get a gun. She also said there was a guy on the ground all bloody.

What The Heck.

I was so scared, I was about to get on the ground and cry .
I couldn't really see out the window, but no one else seemed too worried.

10 minutes later I was done at the store and scared to go outside.
When I did, there was nothing going on and noone around...

What the Heck, Again.

Why was that lady so freaked out??
And why did she have to freak everyone else out.

Needless to say, I probably won't go down there by myself again, just to be safe;)


Mandi said...

I would have been scared right along with you! EEK!

Melissa said...

I would have run into the back room of the store and never come out. How scary. And yeah, Dont go back there!!

Crystal said...

Oh my gosh! I would have been terrified!

Jason said...

I would have ran out into the parking lot and knocked everybody out without them even knowing I was there (Ninja style).

It would have been awesome.

Jason said...

Oh oh, then I'd wail on my guitar rocking into the sunset.

Wendy said...

stranger and scary!! Maybe you need to learn so karatay ;)