Saturday, November 22, 2008

Awesome way to GIVE

Hey everyone.
I just found out about this:

The One Dollar Give

I am so excited because we have decided to GIVE abundantly this Christmas.
Josh really dislikes what the Christmas season has becomes and this prevents him from enjoying the holiday. I asked him ever so nicely to PLEASE be happy this Christmas and not be a grinch, for the sake of the kids.

I suggested we just really focus on what we want the kids to know about Christmas, giving, love, family, focus on Christ etc. So we agreed!

This is an awesome way to give without feeling like what you do have to give isn't enough to help or without having to choose who to give to.

Check out the link to see all the great bloggers behind this great idea=)


Stacey said...

For the last few years I've tried to limit the gifts, but then I start to feel like people think I'm Scrooge or something. That's totally not my intent. I just think Christmas needs to be refocused. I posted a bit about this on my blog today too. I'm trying to do mostly handmade gifts this year, or at least something earth friendly :)

Mandi said...

Thanks for sharing our link, Donna! (Yes, I'm just now catching up in Bloglines from the weekend!)