Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Booster Seat Safety

When a child reaches 40 lbs and age 4 they can be put into a booster seat.

My son is 4 and not 40lbs so in my car he is still in a 5 pt harness, but we do use the booster if daddy needs to take E in his truck.

I am not here to argue the safety, or what age/weight a child should or should not be in a booster that is up to your state law and your family's discretion.

But I do have a great product to introduce for you if you have your child in a booster seat.


This Seat Snug product stabilizes a child's booster seat by attaching to the seat belt itself making the fit on your child's lap snug and unable to get more slack.
It is a amazing to see the difference in movement (see video on the website).

I know that this makes me feel much better about the whole booster seat switch.
I wan to know that my precious cargo is as safe as can be=)

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