Sunday, September 07, 2008

Journey Concert

I am so excited that I went to the Journey concert last night!

(brother Jon and girlfriend Colleen)

(Dad and Mom)

It all started with my brother's girlfriend who is obsessed with Journey, she goes to ALL journey concerts and even all Journey cover band concerts.

My aunt was talking about being interested in going, and we figured since she'd be in town this weekend we would all go the concert instead of our usual Dave and Buster's trip.

(Colleen, Jon and my Aunt Marcy)

Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey played last night.
I kinda was like, why am I going to this, I have no idea who these bands are....

Little to my surprise I DID!

(Aunt Marcy and ME!)

Cheap Trick...

I want you to Want me
I need you to need me!
Yep, you know it too!!!

The Dream Police, they are alive in my head, the dream police...

See you do know who they are!!
Their first album was in 1932...they are OLD, but still sounded pretty good!


Well considering I was lost the whole time they sang...yep my wonderful drunk brother left me in line for drinks and I was wandering all over the jam packed lawn looking for my group
(which was about 20 people)...I was right close to them, just a bit lower.
I seriously was about to cry.

They were great though, sounded amazing for being such stinking old ladies.
One of the most popular ones is...
What about Love.


(Paul, Alec (cousin), Andy)

We got my cousin Alec a ticket for graduation, and his mom bought some for his friends!
Alec loves Journey also!

I didn't even realize how many songs I knew by them.
I knew I knew some, but I knew most of them.
Look 'em up you'd be surprised!

It was so FUN, even though the crowd was MUCH older than I.
It was a sold out show, and a fun and crazy time.

So who want to come to New Kids on the Block concert with me next month????


amy said...

sounds like it was a blast! (except being lost)

i love journey! and i knew those other songs, too.

Candi said...

Sounds like a fun night!

You know, I was in love with NKTB when I was little, but never got to see them in concert. I've only listened to a couple of their new songs, but I like them!

Melissa said...

So jealous! I love Journey. Totally brings back middle and high school for me! Glad you had a good time.

Renata said...