Monday, September 22, 2008

Much to report

I am on this computer lots, but then I forget to post.
I come up with these posts in my head, I plan it all out and then I forget.
It annoys me.

Let's see...
Friday-There was no school so I took the kids to the zoo!
Lots of walking=tiring, yet good exercise.

Saturday- We made the 4 hour drive to see our friends who moved away.
We wanted to spend sometime with them & meet their little baby girl again.
We were behind schedule & with all long drives were eager to get out of the car, so I was speeding a bit (<10 mph over) and I spotted him, that stinking highway patrol man.
I knew he had me, I saw the lights started panicking & pulled over.

He: "I'm pulling you over for speed & you don't have a front plate on"
"Can I have your registration & license"
Me: speechless yet uttered "Um yeah" handing his my license "I was told not to keep my registration in my car"
He: annoyed by this, "Well they can get all the info from your car without that" (whatever that means)
He: to my hubby in the passenger seat "And sir why aren't you wearing your seat belt?"
J: "We just got food and were handing stuff back to the kids" (TRUE)
He: "Can I have your license?"
Josh: "Uh it is in my bag in the back"
He: "Why don't you come sit with me since you don't have it"
Josh: " I do have it, it is in the back."

Josh walks back with the cop

M: starting to cry "I don't want daddy to go to jail.....WAAAA"
E: starting to cry and take off his seat belt
(on the side of a busy highway, so he can see daddy go to jail

Long story short, Josh came back to the car with a ticket for no seat belt, an no ticket for me.
The sad thing is that Josh hadn't had a ticket in YEARS (12 Pt suspension when we met, no ticket in about 6-7 years), and has gotten 3 in the last month (for goofy stuff) this is the 4th....

Other than that our visit was wonderful!
I will post pictures from out orchard trip tomorrow, or sometime this week=0

PS The ticket might be able to get thrown out, cuz the cop marked on 2 places on the ticket that Josh was driving, which HE WAS NOT.


Andrea said...

That stinks that Josh got another ticket...I've never gotten one YET...and hopefully I won't! :) And I also hope that you can get rid of that ticket too...the cop sounds kinda weird!

Sugar and Ice said...

Ugg...getting pulled over stinks. Thank goodness it wasn't a speeding ticket though...that's usually a hefty fine.

Melissa said...

awww, hope the poor kids werent too upset! I agree with Andrea, the cop sounds mighty weird to me!

Jenna said...

how crummy.

Jason said...

Do you get points for no seat belt?

Beth said...

That had to scare the kids out of their minds!!