Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Well Oh Happy yesterday, I guess.

For a whole year (or more) the main street to get to my house from M's school has been closed coming home. It is a straight shot, but I have had to go 2-3 miles out of my way and through about 3 more lights and 2 school zones to get home, it sucked.

I have had to sit in so much traffic, got my car hit by a huge rock and had many headaches the past year because of this road work, and nos it is DONE.

It made me smile in the midst of another long and hard day with E, to see the barriers and cones ALL GONE!!!

I feel like driving around the block and around the block, just to drive on that side, that is how happy I am=)


Mike and Amy said...

yea!!! that's a long time to have to drive out of your way.

Andrea said...

Yay!! That is awesome...I hate having to take detours too. A whole year is along time to take a detour!