Friday, September 05, 2008


We have 2 people moving into our basement today.
I have been CLEANING like a mad woman!
The basement is usually used as a dumping ground for stuff we don't need.
I listed 11 auctions on EBay
(click link on sidebar to take a look...7/11 things are selling...whoo hoo), and about 5 on Craigslist this week.

Old clothing the kids can't fit into anymore (I don't know who gave them permission to grow so much but it wasn't me!!), a stroller, booster seat, baby swing, and outgrown toys.
I am now working on sweeping and mopping, and then I have to tackle the mountain of papers on the desk...

This morning I had to run into Marc's to pick up some Swiffer refills (I got my free swiffer in the mail last week and am seriously in LOVE..I'd never used one before).
Ethan remembered that he wanted to get some "goo" to play with and I had told him next time, well I wouldn't let him get it today because my aunt spoiled him at the store yesterday.
Oh boy..the fit he threw was intolerable, I actually pulled over in the parking lot of Autozone, and made him have a time-out.
God is working in me because I didn't loose my temper!... OH but I just remembered I didn't do what I told him I was when we got home...oops.

Ethan's funny of the day...
E (talking to one of the kitties while playing with them): "You gotta keep your eye on the ball"
How cute!


Mike and Amy said...

who's moving in?

Andrea said... have been running around like crazy!! Whew...I'm feeling tired just thinking of all the stuff you had to do. ;)