Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Great book for boys!!

I got the opportunity to review the book Dangerous Days of Daniel X

Many of you know James Patterson already but he set out to write books that would be interesting to the younger male population. According to many surveys it was found that young males are the least likely to pick up a book for entertainment sake.

Me and my husband read it, well I am not all the way done, but I am impressed.

Some things I really like about this book is the imagination. Boys have great imaginations, so this is definitely a book I can see boys liking.

To appeal to the crowd that is least likely to read, the chapters are very short, a few pages, no one of those books with 20 pages per chapter. I think this was a genius idea!

If you know of any young boys I have a great Christmas idea for them!!
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There are many write ups on this book so type Dangerous Days of Daniel X in Google and read all the great things people have to say about it.

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