Thursday, July 24, 2008

You can't beat this!

Let's have a bragging war here.
I am hoping you are taking FULL advantage of Summer garage sales.
I very randomly stop at them ( I know shame on me). This past Saturday I had Josh with me so we stopped at what we thought was 1 garage sale and it ended up being a street sale. We found some GREAT deals!

Black snow boots for E (look brand new): $.50
A box of about 20 Rescue Heros, plus MANY vehicles etc: $10
(Josh's ides to get all for $10 instead of $1 each)
An awesome older transformer that E LOVES for $.25
Polly pocket stretch limo: $1
2 games for $.50 each
old school rubber band shooting wooden gun .$50


Drum Roll please....

Hallmark Fresh Ink cards 200 to be exact (no envelopes, but hey)

FOR $2


did you get that....


YEP, 1 cent a piece.

I originally only got 100, but walking back, I told Josh I just had to get 100 more...LOL...for a buck.

I love them all, there are probably less than 2 dozen that are in the Weird category.
The rest are cute, and ones I will use.

Any good deals lately??
please share


Autumn said...

I got some shirts for Hailey at Old Navy... 97 CENTS each! And a nice coat for Erik (same store) for $9.99

oh, and the grocery store had a sale on strawberries..$1.50/lb but I don't know if that counts :)

Beth said...

By deal of the day is my mom came over to watch Evan so I could run to the store and get a few things. The deal wasn't while shopping, it was when I got home. Evan went down for a nap so my mom mopped my kitchen, living, and dinning room and she cleaned my oven inside and out. She also cleaned the front of all my kitchen cabinet doors. I love my mommy!

teamcraun said...

my best deals this summer have been trades. I am in a great art making season right now -- which is awesome -- and I have been bartering my prints for other prints, babysitting, for a photography session, and even a website...I am so overjoyed! It is amazing when friends and colleagues can bless one another by exchanges of talent.

Sounds like you need to go to Hollo's to get a good deal on some envelopes!! :)

Crystal said...

I got a pair of cute dress pants the other day for $1.68! I just happened to hit 1/2 off day!

Gina said...

We have a city ordinance that says that any one in the city can only have garage/yard sales on four specified weekends of the year. What is great about it is that you know in advance, mark your calendar and just make a day of it. What a dream! Love your deals.

VICTORIA said...

I found 3 pair SLIM boys jeans, 2 arizona brand 1 Gap, all 6.99 and under each pair at Ross. Not as great a deal as you found, but still a good deal in my book!

Renata said...

I got three or four of those cards... for free! ;-)

Well, my deal was getting a bread machine at goodwill for $6.

Wendy said...

YAY:) I love sending out cards so this would be a dream for me!! I should still be making them, but not until I actually have a craft room where I can keep my stuff out all the time.

I really don't have any good deals:( I haven't been shopping for much lately. I really need to so some craigslist shopping for a bike for Wes!

Mandi said...

Wow, I LOVE note cards – that's a sweet deal!

Hmm, best deal lately...oh! I got 19 brand new Winnie the Pooh books plus a parents guide with all kinds of fun related activities for $3!