Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Renata & Family

This weekend I got the opportunity to invite a family over to my house that I have never met.

I had read her blog randomly when I saw a post about her moving hundreds of miles across the US.
The I get an e-mail from Drea (whom I got to meet when she lived here in my state) telling me Renata moved close to me. Through e-mails and such, I found out she lived pretty close (within 25 miles). We talked about having dinner or getting the kids together, and finally scheduled something.

It was a great evening. Her kids are so sweet, not to mention that here and her husband were so easy to get along with! I was nervous...but from the time she got out of the car, we weren't at a loss for conversation.

Stop by her blog and say HI!

Renata, it was a pleasure having you!
Let's do it again soon.


Renata said...

We had a wonderful time. Thanks again for having us. I agree. Let's do it again soon

Darrin said...

She's got a great blog. Thanks for mentioning it.

Wendy said...

awww! Renata is so lucky!!! I want to live near you:) I am glad that you guys had such a great time. Lisa over at Pug Posse was one of my first bloggy meet ups and is now one of my closest friends!!