Monday, July 14, 2008

We are back

I didn't publicize too much that we were leaving for vacation.
But we are back now! July 5-12 we went to Michigan where I have been going on vacation since I was a wee little one.
Nothing special, tiny little cabin, bugs, bugs, lake and more bugs.
it has meaning to us and holds many dear memories so that is what keeps us coming back.

As you know we bought a jet ski this year, so it was great to be able to jump on that whenever we wanted, and actually we bought a 2nd one which I never mentioned, so it was double the fun=)

Here are a few pictures I really liked!
I will post more this week.

Me and my babes!

We enjoy Superman ice cream since
we can't find it much around here.

Some scenery of the lake.

Up close and personal with the dragonfly's

E LOVES the jet ski, "Let's do tricks" is all he said!

My kids turned into fish tis week and wouldn't leave the water!


Stam House said...

Look like you had a tuns of fun! Cute pic BTW

Wendy said...

I am so glad that you guys had a great vacation. I feel the same way about coming to my grandparents. It's not all that exciting, but coming back to my home town brings back lots of memories:)

amy said...

wow - e is really growing up! he's losing the baby face and looking like a handsome little boy.

looks like you all had a fun time!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh those pictures are wonderful!!! so glad you had a great time!!!!!!

Melissa said...

We had Superman ice cream on vacation too! haha. We used to vacation at my grandmothers place on a lake in Indiana. Love those memories. Looks like you guys had a great time!