Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Weekend Roundup

A busy weekend for sure.

Saturday was Merci's Luau birthday party. We had her friend party and then later in the evening we had our family party. It was a LONG day for sure. Josh worked in the AM so I had to prepare and set up all by myself (E was at my aunts and my brothers girlfriend came for the kids party, both a great help.) I was nice to have a few hours to clean up and sit for a bit. The parties went very good and Merci had much FUN!!


Each girl got to have a PINK coconut cup
(Thank You Target dollar section!!)


I served fruit kabobs as a snack, and luckily my day lilies were in bloom for accents, how PERFECT!!


Cupcakes served at the kid party


Cupcakes served at family party

Sunday was one of our weeks to do Sunday school. And after than I was excited to have nothing to do, and then Josh's friend Pete called to invite us over for a party for his girlfriends daughter, and then my brother called and wanted to meet us at the beach to ride the jet ski's. UGH, forget relaxing. The jet ski date didn't work out so we napped for a few hours and went to Pete's. I was nervous I have never met him and wouldn't know anyone there. It ended up being a great time. There were tons of kids and ones that were age compatible with mine, BONUS.
We played with Rosco the toad and road dirt bikes of all sizes, swam and just really enjoyed the company of the strangers.



I actually kinda had an extended weekend because I got to go out for a girls night with a few friends on MONDAY. We went to The Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant) YUMMY!! It was ladies night so we also got a spa treatment, we all picked the hand paraffin! The we wandered a few stores and then decided to do goofy photo shoots in a public area. We had to keep reminding ourselves how old we were!! Fun times. Oh and while wandering the outdoor shopping we were blessed with a beautiful view of a FULL rainbow (even thought I couldn't capture the whole thing in a picture)



Melissa said...

WOW! What a gorgeous Luau party! So pretty and I loved all the colors. Great job on the cupcakes too.

VICTORIA said...

So cute! The Fruit kabobs are a great idea! I saw those in a mag, but never did them!