Monday, July 21, 2008


Today was supposed to be a relaxing quiet Monday.
Merci slept over a friends house so just me and E this Monday morning.
My day did NOT go as planned.
I did get to sleep in!!!! 5 stars for that.

Then my mom (who does the payroll for our guys) called right when I was waking up to tell me that I need to pick up our paychecks and quarterly taxes and I had to send out our city taxes by TODAY.

WHAT?? I just woke up don't throw this at me...WAIT, Josh has the business check book, how the heck am I supposed to write the check and get it in the mail by the time the post office closes???
He is like 45 minutes one way, my mom 15 minutes the other way and I need to pick Merci up 35 minutes another way...uggg.

E and I were in the car for at least 5 hours today (with no A/C...and 80+ degrees, ick) going here and there and everywhere.

Which leads me to the question (the point of this post):

How much grace do you have with your 3 year old son when you know he has been in the car way too long, but proceeds to scream and cry and demand and be rude and call you a stupid mom on top of all that??
(If it is any consolation, I wanted to scream and cry too)
Where is the line between correction and grace? disobedience and stress? defiance and aggervation?

Any helpful words?

Which leads me


Melissa said...

Yikes- so sorry you had a bad day! My patience would have been worn thin in the car. Stop by my blog to pick up the award I left you!

teamcraun said...

It's crazy how high my expectations are sometimes. It can be exhausting. I completely know how you feel, and that struggle is oh so familiar. I think what is hard for me, is that the boundary line is gray, as opposed to black + white, and it does need to shift in subtle ways with seasons and situations. Navigating those transitions must be one of my greatest weaknesses.

Shelley said...

love your header, it reminds me of my favorite Chris Tomlin song!

Just lurking around your blog, followed you here via Drea's.