Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...or not

Last Wednesday July 9th was Merci's 8th birthday. I had pre-wrote some posts to keep you entertained (or not) while we were on vacation so I didn't get a chance to wish her a Happy Birthday!

Here are some pics from the past 8 years!
( I found a folder with some of her scanned professional photos, thought it be fun to share!)

3-2001 37 weeks Easter

1 year 7-2001

Valentines Day 2001


Aug 2003

Holiday 2003


Mike and Amy said...

NO WAY! no way will my baby girl ever grow up so that i'll be able to post her baby pics online and see the growth and maturity from baby face to 8 year old cutie. NO WAY.

(we just got braelynn's first pro pics, so this feels like a glimpse into my future)

happy birthday, merci!

Crystal said...

OMG. What a precious face!
Mike and Amy, Braelynn is an adorable name!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Merci:) I loved seeing some baby photos since she was already so big when I first started reading this. Our kiddos are just getting too big!!

Drea said...

awe wow.. she sure was cute! she is growing up to be a beautiful young lady

Margo said...

Beautiful! Beautiful!!