Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Friday we went out with a bunch of friends for Jason's birthday, we went to Mongolian BBQ
(Great Place!) and then around the corner to LA CAVE DU VIN (The Wine Cave) for a few drinks. The hit of the night was a Raspberry or Cherry Beer! Yummy! They had a huge wall of imported beer, micro brew beer and any kind you can think of, oh yeah and lots of wine!

Saturday we got to sleep in since both kids were sleeping over someone's house. After we picked E up we can home and made breakfast together. It wasn't long before sleep deprived parents and son needed a nice 3 hour nap. Merci was still with my aunt. We then spent some time together had dinner and went back to sleep for the night.

Sunday we had brunch with some people who we haven't seen in awhile and discussed a Radiant Church, we then took E to get his stitches out, we went to the Nature Center, We went to Bob Evan for lunch (thanks Gma) and then went to our homegroup, we got home in time to go to bed! LONG DAY! LONG WEEKEND!

Dad and Kids





I just wanted to hug this little fox.


This shirt is NOT flattering to my stomach, it is not that big!


Melissa said...

Looks like a great nature center. And 3 hour naps are my favorite!!

L said...

sounds like a great weekend, minus the hospital follow up. I am so jealous of having 2 kids lined up for sleepovers! So nice!
I had to yell at N the other day, he was standing on the dining room chair. I said,sit on your bottom! do you want to get hurt?! he shook his head and said, "poor Ethan..."

Wendy said...

LOL! As soon as I saw that last photo I knew that you were going to say something about the shirt:) You are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks so much for joining in and YAY for getting to sleep in:)

amy said...

looks like fun!

i actually thought to myself - her stomach is FLAT, not like that pic! it could also be the angle and the way you are bending to be close to your babies. : )

don't worry - we know what you look like, but more importantly, we know who you ARE!