Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I have decided

A few things!

*I have decided NOT to eat Burger King for the entire month of MAY. I am 6 days in and loosing the craving already! Now I didn't eat there daily and it wasn't burgers and fries. It was cheesy tots, Mocha Joes (YUMMMMMMMY) and occasionally sausage egg and cheese croissanwich (only 2 for $3, you can't beat that). So in order to save a few calories and hopefully a few pounds I will stay away as long as I can.

*When Ethan goes down for a nap I will do a scrapbook page or 2.
I hate to work out of order because I want the pages to be in order but I am making an exception.

I am going to do our sledding ones and maybe Kalahari pictures.
We will see how well stinker goes down and how creative I get!

PS I haven't scrapped in over a year (maybe more).


Wendy said...

Great goals:) I have a weakness for BK also! Makes me glad I live in the country. It's easier to fight the craving. I have been wanting to scrapbook also!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Cute goals... LOL .. well.. I haven't eaten at burger king in almost 2 years!!! That should give you strength... LOL LOL.. and we have one down the road.. I just don't know why I haven't????

Anyway.. share you layouts!! OK!!!

Mike and Amy said...

You might not have scrapbooked, but you certainly keep up on the blog.

Margo said...

You just reminded me of all the scrapbooking I need to catch up on!

My thing is Mcdonalds. I eat waaaay too much mickey D's! Good luck with it, and I've heard the first week is the worst. You can do it! Then maybe I'll be motivated. ;-)

Crystal said...

I like their whoppers, which is like one of the worst foods you can eat on the planet!