Thursday, May 01, 2008

Not much...

to say today. Just a boring old Thursday. We did have a play date this morning, E had lots of fun.
I have so much to do around here that I am not sure where to start. So i guess I will sit on the computer and do nothing...LOL.

I got these new cloth napkins from and Etsy store:


I realized using cloth napkins was another simple way to go GREEN.
My kids are napkin crazy so this will definitely save some garbage. I should get more though.

I entered a contest at SIMPLE to win a MUNCHLER from POLKADOT PLATYPUS
Check them out, they are so cute!!
The Polkadot Platypus has other great things also!

I had more to say than I thought!

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congratulations, you have one the my plate mate for your child at the Domestic Diva. I hope this message makes your day bright!