Thursday, May 08, 2008

23 cents

Check out this article.

Would you wait in lines of more than 2000 people and for hours just for a 23 cent pizza?? Now Papa Johns is really yummy, but so NOT worth it. Go spend the $10 somewhere else!

We got pizza somewhere else. At the beginning of the week when I heard about this deal I planned to get pizza tonight, but didn't realize the crowds it would draw.
It was reported that at one location there were more than 2000 people in line at one time. YIKES.
Seriously for $10????
Maybe for a guaranteed few hundred off something I would do it.
Here is a picture from 7:30 PM after the dinner rush etc. You can only see a bit of the line but I just thought it was hilarious. It wrapped around the whole building.
$10 bucks people $10 bucks.

papa Johns


Bek said...

i know, isn't that hilarious

my sister talked to a woman who waited 3 hours in line and said it was "so worth it"


we got pizza elsewhere too tonite

Anonymous said...

I think the whole point was to support LBJ not so much getting a pizza for 23 cents. But, yeah, I wouldn't do it.

Chas said...

I'd have to be promised something a lot more impressive than a Papa Johns pizza to wait in a line like that.

Joanna said...

Oh I couldn't agree with you more. Is 3 hours of our time not worth more than 10 bucks?!!!! Plus I'm not a fan of Papa John's pizza anyway:) Maybe if there was a 20 min wait I might do it, but no longer. Seriously, it's just pizza!