Tuesday, May 13, 2008


If you don't hear from me, it is because I am in a funk.
I am uninterested in anything and everything.
I have posts planned out, but just no interest in doing so.
I will be reading blogs, otherwise I'd have nothing to do.
I need a job or something.
I need to get away from this house more, see friends more, have something for me, not do the same things all the time.


Beth said...

A month from today is my last day of school!! I can't wait to have play dates!

Chas said...

I was sort of in a funk recently as well...though I don't think I realized it until it was over. I hope yours is as short lived as mine was!

Wendy said...

AWW! Girl...you can't be in a FUNK...we are working on a secret project!! I hope you are okay!! *HUGS*

VICTORIA said...

I hear ya!

Mike and Amy said...

i feel myself slipping into a "the baby is never going to come and i'm going to be big and uncomfortable for the rest of my life and i don't even have anything to do except clean the house again" funk. but i've been told by soooo many people to embrace each stage and not to wish it away or rush to the next thing.

so i'm passing that on to you. this will pass. you might even miss it a little.

at least, that's what i hear....

i love you!!!!!!!! : )