Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tony the Tiger

I am sure we all ate Frosted Flakes when we were little.
A simple cereal that young and old enjoy!

I wonder if I have bought these for my kids
(I don't think I have, at least not since E was born, yikes)...
BUT now I can feel a bit better about giving my kids Frosted Flakes, they
have a new healthier version!

Kellogg' s Frosted Flakes Gold

This version is made with whole grains and sweetened with honey and a great source of fiber.
(and high fructose corn syrup...why can't they just cut this out?)
Definitely more nutritious than the regular Frosted Flakes.

I buy "sugar" cereal sometimes, my kids know it is a treat, or I have a coupon to make it really cheap!

But with Frosted Flakes Gold, they win and I win.
Compromise is good!
I plan on buying some for our camping trip this weekend.
Maybe you will try them too!

Check out the website to find family fun, great promotions and recipes!
Kellogg's is really trying to be a family friendly company offering great resources to families and they even have a good sportsmanship program!

It is great to support companies like this.

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Autumn said...

I wanna go camping, too!!! Andy and I actually might be up there beginning of June.