Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oops, Gas

Well, I was going to change my template, but I didn't find one I liked better. But I did accomplish to erase all my personalized links on the sidebar. Oh well. Someday I will learn how to make my own template for my blog.

Not much exciting happening here. Same old, same old.

Sorry, I gotta complain. Gas is soooo expensive. Let me tell you about my Jeep. I drive it because it is my only car and because we can't get rid of it, still 2 more years of paying for the darn thing. (Not to bring up the fact that we will be driving it until it is nothing but and engine and steering wheel, because of the $4 grand we put into it after having it for only 3 months, yeah that is a whole other complaint). So anyway...Since we live in a city where we refuse to send our child to school, and are too poor to pay for no good "Christian" schools, we have the, I mean I have the wonderful tedious task of driving our lovely child to a school that is affordable and about 30 minutes away. I drive about 17 miles per day just taking her to school...that is CITY miles only, unfortunately. So since my wonderful Jeep only gets oh a whopping 11-12 miles per gallon, that is about $5 a day. WAIT...For some reason these number aren't working out..hmmm. No good at math. But I have to fill up my tank every 5-6 days. Costing $40+ each time. Well you do the math. And than there is Josh's truck. Getting like 8 miles to the gallon, costing us about $100 to fill up (2 tanks, since it is a truck).Let's just say, we need a miracle to get by every month! So those of you friends that have little Civic's, I don't want to hear ANY complaining! But I do love you all.

Ok Bye! (Not that any of you actually read my ridiculous blog post)


Jason said...

Donna, you are so silly ;)

I definitely feel your pain. I was driving around an F-150 for years. That and at the time, I was really not working very much. So, having to fill up 2 tanks that are each double the size of a single civic tank (equaling 4 times as much gas every week) really added up.

Believe me when I say that I'm not rubbing it in, but I am very blessed that I drive a Civic especially now that I've been driving 100 miles a day for the past 9 months. I've driven 20,000 miles in just over 9 months. I fill up at least twice a week...and if it wasn't a Civic I couldn't even start to imagine what the expenses would be. (Oh, and fortunately I'm a little closer to work now that I moved).

some teacher you may happen to know said...

"i don't want to hear NO complaining"

ouch, that hurts my ears! sorry for the correction, but you just said you want to hear complaining!

Donna said...

Oops. Sorry! I will fix it=)

Ó Seasnáin said...

I read your rediculous


I don't read none'ya rediculous blog. = I do read ya rediculous blog.

Grammabear said...

Any chance to carpool with anyone to the school? Wall Street Journal today has some suggestions that might help - and - to find the cheapest prices. Also, they suggest getting a credit card that gives you 5 cents back per gallon .. I don't know who has this type of card, but worth looking into, since you buy so much.

CalebSchuster said...

When ever I look at a new car lot and think about getting a big powerful all American SUV all I have to do is pass by a gas station and think about paying more in gas than a new car’s monthly payment is! So I appreciate the efficient Honda Civic I have all the more.

Civic Power!
or at least Civic savings:)

Kimber said...

I love reading your blog girlie!!!

And I agree - Gas is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO expensive...the oil companies are making billions - how about give us a break!!!