Monday, April 10, 2006

My not so busy life!

I just read my friend Kimber's blog and she gave us all the details of her week. With 4 kids, she has a pretty hectic week, Yikes! So I thought it would be a fun idea to let you take a sneak peak at my week!!

Monday(today)---Ummm nothing.
Tuesday-A cute little girls birthday party and Josh's siblings Spring concert
(I get to go tot he birthday party while Josh goes to the concert)
Wednesday-hmmm, Our car insurance is due!!!
Thursday-ummm nothing again
Friday-No school and No gymnastics, so that means ummm nothing...Again.
Saturday-TAXES DUE ( phew..already done and money spent..haha) Here we go, Easter egg hunt at Schusters. Angela is 25!! My dad is 43!!
Sunday-EASTER. Church, and Grandmas's to eat some yummy food!

Nope, I don't have a Rabbit life=) I might be happy to have one though.


Bek said...

isn't it funny how the main two things fall on the same evening. that always seems to happen for me too. i remember someone saying once that if he did two things a year they'd fall on the same day and same time. :)

amy said...

i like the life of a turtle. i refuse to get super busy - when i can control it.

i'm ready for slow life again and this work crap to go away.

enjoy the days - you get to do what you want/need to do for you and yours.

Jason said...

Man, Kelly and I are so different. She's the turtle and I'm the rabbit. I'm not exactly "type A", but I'm pretty close and Kelly is very NOT type A. Somehow I just feel alive when I have 37 things planned for a week. If I have to actually NOT go somewhere because I'm busy elsewhere I'm disappointed about it...but at least I'm not sitting around doing nothing! (That's how I feel anyway)

Autumn said...

Thanks for coming tonight, you guys! It was GREAT to see you, and I know Hailey was blessed.

Kimber said...

Donna, I'll trade ya!!! LOL!!

No really, in few years, I bet your calendar will look a lot like mine :) And you will miss the "turtle days"....and BTW, did ya notice that I personally had no plans - James had 2 softball mtgs in there - but this week - it is all about the kids... social life for James and I????!!! What's that??

So enjoy your "not so busy" everything...nothing STAYS the SAME!!!

Love ya!

nursemomof4 said...

What I great idea! I'll have to do the same too sometime!