Tuesday, March 02, 2010


When we bought this house, a little over a year ago (I cannot believe this!), it was wired for a home alarm system. We thought about getting it activated, and then we called around and found that it wasn't as cheap as we thought. We decided to hold off on getting it activated. But while doing the painting and stuff we have been doing, there are sensors everywhere...windows, walls, hallways...you'd think we lived in a bad area (which we do not)...it has caused much more work in patching everything up...so I was wondering if maybe we should just get it reactivated??

Do you have any home security systems??
Do you see a big discount on your insurance?

Just curious!


Nonnie said...

Nope...no alarm system for us.

GrammaBear said...

Our house is wired, but we never activated it either. If you do get a dog, that will be the alarm system you need. :D