Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I love Farms

What a full day. Today was a nice day without much on the agenda. Caught up on some laundry, played some Farmville, payed/organized the bills, played some Farmville, cleaned out both freezers, played some Farmville, did some errands, played some Farmville, showered, picked kids up from school and met a blogger friend for FREE ice cream at ColdStone creamery (our birthdays are very close), came home a cooked some yummy stuff for dinner and and now playing Farmville again, while my hubby plays his new game...Final Fantasy 13 (for XBOX 360, finally) we used to play the first ones YEARS ago when we first met on Playstation.

Im not obsessed or anything I just like Farms, I really want a real one in real life, so a fake one will have to do=) Im sure Ill get bored with it soon.

We have been praying about what to do is the job/business area of our life. Are we supposed to be business owners anymore? Should Josh look for other employment? What to do what to do.
A customer we have had in the past called today for a estimate...and the funny thing is a few years ago they had some substantial work done and wanted to pay by credit card, so we sought out a credit card processingcompany so we could take their credit card, We thought it be good to offer our customers anyway so we kept it, for 2 years or so, paying a monthly fee, and we decided to get rid of it last month since only 2 customers have ever used a credit card, and now they want more work done....go figure...haha=)

That was my day. Off to bed, Im sleepy. Night!
Oh and I decided on my birthday dinner/dessert for our Friday night family dinner.
Cream Chicken (creamy gravy, chicken and veggies over biscuits) and Strawberry shortcake!!!
Can't wait.


Rachel H. said...

I have never touched Farmville--ever! But it sounds like it's lots of fun, and very addicting! :) lol

Thanks for meeting me for icecream! I had such a hectic and draining day, and that was my one spot of sunshine! :) Hope we can get together soon--on a less frazzling day-- :)

Renata said...

Happy belated birthday