Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dreary inside and out

It is another dreary, rainy Spring day. But I am most thankful that is isn't a dreary snowy day...=)
We had a terrible thunderstorm last night, all I keep thinking was YEAH it isn't a snow storm, as it kept waking me up (and if there is anyone out there that has dealt with a kid that is terrified of thunderstorms...let's talk!...the 9 year old not the 5 year old, he didn't even know there was a storm).

The dreariness has invaded the inside of my house as well. I think sinus issues are invading my nose again, as I have a very tender throat, ick. I'm tired since I finally have a day of nothing after 4 days of non stop stuff, I'm dragging today. So much to do, and no interest in doing anything. Maybe I deserve a Starbucks run...it's been a LONG time!

Or maybe I can sit in bed with my laptop, make my coupon match up lists, catch up on my bible study video and homework, write on my neglected blog, play some Farmville, and go through my inbox...yep...maybe that is what Ill do!

I'm allowed aren't I??


Rachel H. said...

definitely allowed! It IS a dreary day...and I am ready for some play... :)

Anonymous said...

Rainy, gray days have their value. They cause me to focus on the inside of my house. I think that is when I most appreciate the color yellow, as bright spots in the room. A yellow bowl for my breakfast cereal. A yellow towel for my shower. Sunshine in miniature! We are having a stormy day today. Maybe our last for the season, and I will miss it!