Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some FUN

Thursday me and the kids will be heading to have some fun at an indoor waterpark with our friends!! WE NEED A BREAK! I am so excited=) Maybe even more than the kids...hahaa...that is until I realized I needed to wear a bathing suit...ugg. I picked up some swim shorts to wear with one of my tops...and the fricking medium didn't even fit...I may have to get an XL...I know I am a bit out of shape, but I am most definitely NOT an XL...I hate clothes manufacturers. They make their clothes all tiny and then you want to go find some diet supplements to get on and make yourself stick thin....don't get me started...I won't complain about my weight, I will do something about it...in April, when my gym opens, until then, I will do what I can here and enjoy my time at the waterpark...See ya soon!!

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