Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The lawn

Oh my!
I mowed our lawn for the first time (this year and the first time at this house) today.
Why did we want a big yard??
For some of you, a 1/4 acre isn't a big yard, but seriously this is like triple the yard we had at the other house. This is the biggest yard I have ever lived in, and actually one of the biggest around here.

The grass was probably about a foot in some areas.
We should have done this a few weeks ago.
Josh and I are both procrastinators, so.....we didn't.

But let me tell you, it took me way over an hour, I had to dump the bag like every minute, so finally I mowed without it, which wasn't as bad as we thought it would be, it might be a mulching blade.
At this rate I won't need any diet pills this Summer, all I will need to do is cut the grass once a week;)

But in all honesty if we do keep up with it and not get lazy it shouldn't be so hard.

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Renata said...

I've read that leaving the clippings on the grass is good for it.