Sunday, May 17, 2009

I was the weakest link

Today consisted of hard work.

Some idiots we know have 2 jet ski's. And these two idiots are procrastinators. So you see they never did winterize their jet ski's. They didn't take the batteries out, they didn't cover the one jet ski they have a cover for. When you don;t put cover's on jet ski's the wells where you put your feet, fill with water, leaves, and other icky stuff. It kind looks like a green swap. and when you dump the water out of the wells, it smells really bad. And because of this power washing and scrubbing with all sorts of chemicals is necessary. Oh and said idiot doesn't wear gloves, and messes up her oh so fake acrylic nails and oh so cute little french manicure.
After scrubbing session, recovering the seat of jet ski purple is in order, because the non covering made the vinyl crack all up. $40 order on e-bay and a promise if easy recovering and WRONG diagram makes said idiot and brother pull out lots of staples thinking they did it wrong, when they really did it correctly. But then brother and said idiot, aren't very good at what they are doing, so said idiot gives up and makes burgers and pasta salad for dinner, and lets other said idiot accompany brother-in-law now.
If it wasn't for running out of staples it be done.

All this for a camping trip this coming weekend, and hopes of riding pain in the butt jet ski's, that cost us way too much $ and space in our driveway.

Maybe we should look for some travel insurance online for this trip;)


Wendy said...

haha! You poor thing!! Hopefully things are better now!

amy said...

you crack me up! maybe you should ditch the whole camping idea and just head south - southern ohio, that is!! :)