Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ethan's Kindergarten assesment results

Ethan got to meet his teacher and see his classroom for next year (a few months really).
Merci informed me he got the mean one. Oh well, I guess we are staying with the same results, Merci's K teacher was NOT the nicest. I am sure this one is better though.

Ethan scored 54 points out of 70.
Which makes makes him average.
56 point would be above average.

Personal Info: Able to verbally give
1. First name 2. Last name 3. Age 4. Birthdate (month and day)
5. Street and city (He so totally knows this)

Prints Full Name:
1. Prints first name 2. Prints last name (need to work on this I guess)

Shape recognition:
1. Circle 2. Square 3. Triangle 4. Rectangle 5. Diamond
(maybe he mixed them up? But he does fine for me)

Visual Motor Skills: correctly copies
1. Horizontal line 2. Circle 3. Cross 4. Square 5. triangle

Color Recognition:
Blue Red Yellow Orange Green Black Brown Purple Pink White

Picture Vocab: Identifies and names
Dog Cat Tree House Boat Airplane Crayons Lion
Firefighter (not sure why he missed this one??) Butterfly

Body parts: points to or touches
nose ear chin shoulders elbow knee thumbs eyes heel wrist(kinda a tricky one)

Gross Motor Skills
Hops 2 hops on R foot, Hops 2 hops on L foot, stands on R foot for 5 sec, stands on L foot for 5 seconds, skips forward 4 steps (he gets really confused about skipping...we are working on this in parking lots all over the city!)

He did not perform well in speech, speech sound production.
He doesn't pronunciation very well, and still says some sounds babyish, so we do correct him and will continue to do so.

I am proud of my little man!


Mike and Amy said...

good job, e!

teamcraun said...

the wrist one reminds me of my friend's daughter. They asked her "ankle" and she said "in my socks" and they counted it wrong. Ah, test taking before we even get into the thick of school! YAY for Ethan!!