Monday, May 11, 2009

CPR awareness

Do you know CPR??
Do you have kids??

Well then you should probably know CPR.

I know the basics, I was certified many years ago, and my husband has been through EMT Basic class. You never know when there will be a time CPR is needed. And how wonderful would it be if you knew what you were doing.??

The American Heart Association has a CPR anytime kit you can purchase so you can learn CPR on your own in your home, and introduce it to your kids also.
It takes 22 minutes, and although it done not include a certification, you will be well on your way to achieving one or just knowing the basic skills needed in case there was an emergency.

I received ones of theses kits from Mom Central and the American Heart Association and the husband and I will watching this to refresh our skills and will also involve the kids in this learning experience.
It has never been easier!

If you do know CPR , have been saved by CPR or teach CPR. or are a survivor because of CPR
get a badge for your blog HERE!
Can't wait to get mine.

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