Sunday, February 08, 2009


The last week or so I was feeling good about our unpacking and settling process.
I felt accomplished and settled.
And then I started looking around realizing all the boxes that are still unpacked, stuff lying in the hallway etc.
Still so much to do.

I am determined to get all boxes in basement that don't belong there, moved to where they need to go.
I am also determined to organize the pantry down the basement. I just threw stuff in there, unorganized, and since I am back to my coupon shopping/stockpiling mode, I have lots of stuff to add tot he pantry.

After box moving/unpacking last of boxes, I plan on doing more of the "FUN" stuff like painting more rooms, figuring out which stuff we want to replace (like sinks, maybe from Kohler sinks)

Then there is the bathroom...all of it, and then the kitchen, and the list goes on.
In time=)

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