Wednesday, February 18, 2009

After the show...

For years my aunt has been talking about going to the Home and Flower show the night it ends, to buy flowers.
She need me for my SUV to take all the goods home.

We went this year. WOW.

Seriously, it was well worth it.

Free parking, they let you in an hour after the show ends and you buy CHEAP plants.

We brought a wagon and loaded it twice+.

We spent less than $40 combined and she got a $70 plant (forget what it is called) well ad a TON of other plants.

The prices are lowered as the closing time gets near...Tulips started out 2/$1
(two pots with 4-8 bulbs in it)...before we left I got 6 pots for $1, I got 12 pots

and 6 pots of daffodils too...for $1

and these great tropical plants were $8 apiece

This guy is 6 feet tall...I cannot even find a corner big enough for it!

This air purifying plant is 3 1/2 ft tall...

I'd say we got some GREAT deals.

Id say, if you have a Home and Garden show in your city ask about plant sales after the show is won't be sorry.

You'll just have lots of plants to plant in your yard come Springtime=)


Wendy said...

That's so awesome! Michael wants to rip up all of our flower beds and start over. Yeah....because we have the money for that. I can't wait to see what you do with all your goodies!

Stam House said...

LOVE flowers and plants!!!

amy said...

so cool!