Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Johnson's No More Tears

The smell of fresh clean babies is intoxicating. It makes me weepy to think I will have no more babies to cuddle and sniff after a bath. My 4 year old is really sick of me doing so to him!

I was asked to review some new Johnson's No More Tears products recently.

I received the

Body Bubble Bath and Wash
(I am very excited to have a bubble bath that is super sensitive for my sons fragile skin...and how many times does you child splash when you put bubble bath is, they love it and go crazy...this formula is great, NO MORE TEARS!!)

and the

Head to Toe Foaming Wash
(Excited that someone is taking advantage of the wonderful foaming soap idea...less wasted product and more to use!)

I immediately opened them up and took a whiff...MMM.

Take a look http://www.youtube.com/baby!

You will be able to find these in your stores NOW!

Happy 50th anniversary Johnson's!

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