Thursday, February 05, 2009

Kids & the internet

If you have kids, you know that even from a young age they are interested in what mommy is doing on the computer. Then they hear from all their little friends about online games etc. Of course they want to play, don't you go check out websites you hear about when you are out and about or with friends??

Good thing for us moms and dads there are so many places we can go to find out how to keep our kids safe, especially tweens and teens who are allowed to play games without us by their side every moment.
Making safer on-line choices!

I know that I need to learn what I can do to protect my daughter who is 8.
She asks to go on one site and sometimes I find her on another, and you know how easy it is to run into unwanted materials.

The purpose of NetSmartz is to increase the safety awareness of children to prevent victimization and increase self-confidence whenever they go online. NetSmartz teaches three important rules for online safety.

  1. I will tell an adult I trust if anything makes me feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused.
  2. I will ask my parents or guardian before sharing my personal information.
  3. I won't meet in person with anyone I have first "met" online.
Check it out, what a great learning tool for you and your child!

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