Thursday, January 04, 2007


Josh and I decided to go on a little diet for January. We will be eating salad for dinner every night. It has only been 2 nights, and when I look in the refrigerator, I can't look at all of our cut up veggies.

Does anyone have any good salad ideas to offer? Like with fruit or different toppings (healthy!)
Does anyone have a recipe for an Asian salad??


Beth said...

A few years ago when Terry & I did South Beach Diet I would make a taco salad with ground turkey instead of beef or with grilled chicken. I would also get the organic black bean and corn salsa and add that to it too.
I have a yummy Asian Salad recipe somewhere but I don't know how healthy it is. Email me if you want it and I will look for it.
Good Luck!!

Jason said...

Doing a raspberry vinegarette over a salad with craisins and/or cut up strawberries, feta cheese, almond slices and/or soy nuts (for crunch), and possibly those canned orange slice thingies is pretty good.

Somehow feta goes good with sweet.

Anonymous said...

Cold salads might not be as appetizing in winter as hot soups. Pick up a current copy of Cooking Light magazine for some good soup recipes. is a good place to search for specific recipes. Also try and readypac has lots of salad recipes.

Bek said...

i was just at trader joes today. they were selling an aisan salad for $4. it includes everything in the bag - oranges, crunchy things, dressing. and it was big enuf for 2 or more. they had little sample plates. it was delicious.

Crystal said...

Sprinkle a little low fat cheese on it. And also, if your using dressing, my philosophy is that you should get a good tasting dressing (not fat free) and use just enough to coat it lightly. Trust me it's better than using a light sald dressing and smothering it. Salads are great!