Monday, January 08, 2007

All About Merci Rae

Meet our new pet. His/Her name is Twitch for now, but Merci doesn't like that name so we are trying to figure out the sex. My parents felt that they should buy Merci a gerbil for Christmas. We agreed. My parent's bought him a few weeks before Christmas, and were going to handle him so he would be ready to be played with when Christmas came. But being eager to surprise her they gave him to us a week before Christmas. He was so tiny, they bought him the day he was allowed to be away from his mommy. He is really cute and is gradually learning that we aren't going to hurt him and that no matter how fast he runs in his wheel he cannot out run the HAND!! Lol!

This is a picture of my brother Jon and Merci. I am the oldest and only girl of 4, he is the 2nd born, age 22. He is moving out=( It is so weird to see your siblings grow up. I can't believe my little brother is a big boy!!! My youngest brother will be graduating high school (hopefully) this year, so I am feeling pretty old!

On New Years Eve Merci stayed up all night with the adults. Usually we have friend over who have kids her age, but they couldn't make it this year. I felt bad. But she enjoyed herself anyway. She even made confetti for us to throw at midnight. She also enjoyed the sparkling grape juice, and finished off the bottle=)

Josh has been teaching Merci to play Jenga for a bout a year now, and she is turning into a pro Jenga player. Pro's can get to 37 rows, Josh and Merci got to 29 the other night. Not bad for beginners!


Jason said...

I personally LOVE the name 'Twitch'. Merci is growing up so fast and it's mind boggling.

Beth said...

Merci is growing up so fast!! I can't believe she is in first grade!!
I think Twitch is a great name!
I love naming animals... names of the past: Winnie, Spanky, Peanut, Lucy, Buttons, Sylvester, Gertrude, Dexter, Marvin, and of course Petey.

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness...though time cannot stay still, the memories you guys make with your sweet girl (and boy!) will last forever. She's not a little girl anymore (well, not really). And Beth, I had a pet named Winnie one time. She was a parakeet, unfortunately we had to give her to another good home =(.

Bek said...

merci, a pro jenga player? wow, she is growing up. what a big girl. :) loved this post! i could not name all the names of our hamsters growing up, as we had like 30 or 40 of them....hopefully twitch is not pregnant. that is how all our troubles started.

Gina said...

I love the name Merci. And she is beautiful. I'm not so sure about Twitch. I can't really do pets that are in any way rodentish. No offense : )