Monday, May 15, 2006

Mommies and doggy

Just wanted to say a late, Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy, and soon to be mommy and one day will be a mommy friends! Love you all, and you are all the best mommies you can be=)

After Pastor Mark's message yesterday, I was overcome with the honor, yet HUGE responsibility it is to be a mommy. I really felt called to just pray nonstop over my children. If you weren't there to hear the message, Mark honored all the mom's that are single moms, the moms who have children who have turned away from God and there mom's, the moms who struggle even harder than the regular mom. He didn't mention names, he just asked to questions to 10 specific women in our church who gave their answers and Mark shared them with us. I know for sure I know 3 of those women he was talking about. I am thankful for all I have and I will NOT the enemy take it away. I am determined to be the best example I can be for my children, and I will pray for them daily, hourly until I see them walking with their heavenly father. I want all curses against my family to be broken, in the name of Jesus. I will do my best to uphold them and stand against every dart thrown towards them from this day forward!

We had a nice Mother's Day, we went out to eat with my Grandma, Mom and Aunt. Afterwards we went to my Grandma's to have her famous Coffee Toffee Torte cake to celebrate my mom's birthday, which was Friday!

A bit of bad news welcomed us home. My mom called to tell us that Rollie, my childhood dog had died. My parents had been wondering if they should put her to sleep, since she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure awhile back. When my parents were on their way home my brother called to tell them Rollie wasn't doing good. My mom got home and called Rollie into the kitchen for her medicine, and on her way she fell over and died. I will miss that fat little fluff ball!


Kelmo said...

Aww...that is such a sad way to die. Just walking along, la de dah, la de dee, oh I'm done now. I'm sorry about your dog. I went over to my parent's house last night and my dog who was always like a puppy is now getting fat and has a hard time moving around b/c of arthritis. It's so sad to think one day she won't be around anymore.

I heard the mother's day message was good. I'm so glad they honored women who are amazing but have more difficult lives to deal with.

amy said...

:( about the pup (i have new sympathies toward dogs)

Happy Mother's Day! to make it extra special, the school decided that you should spend the day after it with your kids! :P

Kimber said...

Happy Mother's Day Donna!! I think you are doing a great job of being a MOM!!!

Sorry about your dog - my sister-in-law had to put her dog down a few weeks ago - it was awful!! He was their dog for 12 years! My heart goes out to you!

Bek said...

hey, happy mother's day to you! i missed mark's sermon - you'll have to tell me about it. sounds interesting. you are an awesome praying mome. :)

Autumn said...

you are a good mom, Donna!